Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation envisions a world that gives equal opportunities to all because every life is precious.


We all need the same opportunities to develop ourselves, to have hope and to be loved. However, giving an opportunity is only the beginning; equipping someone to receive that opportunity and to use it for the good of others is our end goal.


The foundation exists to equip, inspire and influence the people of Indonesia so they understand how precious they are and so they believe they can make a change in their life and the lives of those around them.


We formulated our vision as: Equipping, inspiring and influencing lives to have better futures. We believe that if we can change the lives of people, we can change the nation. Let’s work together to build a better future!


We are always looking for opportunities to serve local needs. Christmas toy drives and serving the community by volunteering are some of the ways we introduce people to Jesus.


We believe Melbourne is our first mission field as well as our home base. As a church, Melbourne Life will support people going out into the community making a difference in people's lives.


Over the years, we have started relationships and established connections with churches in America, Africa and Asia. We continue to listen to what God calls us to do and have already taken DMS to thousands of people overseas.

church planting

We have planted churches in other countries and helped them establish into thriving communities that continue to impact their nations.

To give to support Missions

Acc Name: MLCC Missions

BSB: 063 885 
Acc Number: 1016 4578

To give to support Jakarta Life

Acc Name: MLCC Harvest Indonesia Inc
BSB: 063 885 
Acc Number: 1015 6789  
Description: JLCC




Genazzano FCJ Sports Hall, 301 Cotham Rd, Kew, VIC, 3101


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