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It's about loving people, connecting with people and building people.
Matthew 9:35-38 reveals to us the heart of God and how He loves His people.
This is the very purpose of Life Group. We are here to display the same heart that Jesus did for God’s people.

If there is one word that can describe our Life Groups, that word is FAMILY.

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Wil & Elysha C


We're a family-friendly group that meets fortnightly on Friday nights. If you're looking to meet great
people and experience God in very practical ways then you've found the right place. Hope to see you soon!

Carvin & Ana W (East Suburbs)

Our focus is to grow in Christ as we do life together. We love to pray, worship and share our stories whilst applying God's Word to our everyday lives. We even bake good brownies too!! Please come and join us!


Dave T

Our focus is to do life together. For those who hunger for God's Word, community and the presence of God then join us. Open to visitors and running fortnightly on Tuesdays.

Herman & May N


We are a group who loves to connect with one another and share life together. If you are looking for a
great group of people who have experienced the ups and downs life throws at us then you have come to
the right place. We look forward to meeting you!


We’re a group of women who  try to have a holistic and practical approach in our walk with God. We're not afraid to have “real talk”,  whilst empowering one another, and always having fun and laughs along the way!


Come visit us, fortnightly Wednesdays :)

Daniel D 


Here you will find a great group of guys who catch up in the city with a passion to learn more about our identity in Christ. Our goal is to see you become a strong disciple of Christ. If you're in or near the city please come and join us. We love growing together. Everyone has a story
and we would not only love to hear about yours but also be a part of it.

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