discipleship ministry school (DMS)

Our Discipleship Ministry School has seen thousands of lives around the world transformed since 2004.


Founding DMS Director and Visionary, and one of Melbourne Life's Senior Pastors, Dianne Manusama, has an anointing to bring clear understanding about the power of the cross in an individual's life, the reality of the spiritual realm and how to get activated in the ministry to which we have each been called.


This school will help you learn how to walk in your true identity in Christ and how to surrender fully to Jesus in order to serve Him under the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

DMS teaches the truth about our identity, authority and the effect this can have on our everyday life.

why should you do it?

16 years running



thousands of


hundreds of leaders

what students think


DMS helped bring healing to areas of my life that God wanted to set me free in...Amen!


I have done DMS several times now. I find that it helps me stay grounded in the word of God, whilst experiencing his presence in a powerful and tangible way.


DMS is life changing. Everyone who wants to deepen their relationship with God should consider doing it.



​Manifest has been impacting the churches of Melbourne since 2000 with regular worship nights and the Manifest Conference.
In 2019, included in the DMS week-long intensive, there will be one 'MANIFEST' night session with the date yet to be announced, which will be free and open to the public.